Hello, I am Chris Morgan.

At the core of our purpose is the belief that God has blessed us with unique gifts and abilities to serve Him and others. As your Financial Advisor, I aim to truly understand your financial needs and circumstances so we can develop a personal or business strategy that works for you. I am committed to walking beside you every step of the way, not only as your advisor but as your friend, as we navigate your financial future together. Let’s start this journey toward financial security and friendship today.

Our Story

Chris Morgan is the Founder and CEO of Ark Wealth Advisors. He was born and raised in Yorba Linda, California, where he attended Friends Christian School and El Dorado High School. In High School, he found a love for stocks during a history class game and became very interested in the profession. He also found a love for surfing, and water polo, and met his wife, Lindsay, in High School. He worked as a Huntington State Beach Lifeguard from high school through college. He attended California Baptist University in Riverside, California, and obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Business Administration. He holds the record for most assist for water polo at California Baptist University. Chris and Lindsay, now married, have two kids, Hailey and Jordy. Chris has always prioritized making God, family, and relationships the most important things in his life. As a financial planner, he says, “ the greatest part of my job is getting to know people and assisting them through the greatest transitions of their lives.” He focuses on doing what is best for the client and excels at benefiting the client. Chris attends Friends Community Church in Brea and serves on the Finance committee and the Friends Development Corporation.  He also strives to help small businesses as he serves as CFO of the Chamber of Commerce in Yorba Linda in 2018. Overall Chris loves getting to know people, leading people to the Lord, surfing, camping, fishing, and spending quality time with his family.

why do I need a financial advisor?

Living life to the fullest means achieving your financial objectives, enabling you to live life on your own terms. A committed financial advisor can assist you in realizing your envisioned future. With our finances intertwined with virtually every facet of our lives, a financial advisor’s positive influence extends beyond our own financial stability, benefiting our loved ones, future generations, and even the wider community.

financial integrity with a


Our financial planning process is rooted in Biblical money management principles, providing you with a faith-based approach to managing your finances and stewarding your resources in alignment with your values and beliefs.